Modular Kitchen - Interionr Design
A well planned kitchen is the Best a woman can have….



Why Modular kitchen?

A well planned kitchen is the Best a woman can have….

In today’s fast paced world everything is needed “right now” and well, we can now relate how a woman gets frustrated by the demands placed on her compared to the tools provided to her to perform well. Right here is where we see the need for a well planned and designed kitchen. A kitchen that is user friendly and gives peace of mind as all the items are organized and facilitate the effective usage of every space in a Kitchen. It is a systematic way of organizing vessels, cutlery, provision and eatables in specially designed containers & accessories.

Our kitchens at Greatworks interiors come with the following features

  • Well planned design catering to the customer’s specific requirements and conveniences
  • Top-Quality Products & Finish signified by Quality Soft-Close Mechanisms and Handle-less designs
  • Drawers and accessories designed to slide making them more accessible and easy to use.
  • Provision for vertical shelves in additional to the normal horizontal ones for optimal space utilization.
  • Design that allows a holistic view and a good image of the kitchen for anyone who enters it.
  • You can make your cooking utensils out of view by concealing them in the drawers and at the same time eatables accessible to your kids.
  • Flawless execution and on-time handing over

Types of Kitchens